Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is it better...?

I wonder about all sorts of things. Sometimes my wondering wanders into the world of worrying.  For example:

 Is it better to post numerous short pieces on my blog or wait until I have something essay-length to share?
My habit of late has been to make note of things I intend to write more about, usually on my phone or iPad.  I might have just an idea or as much as half a page of musing.  It might be a "this'll preach" moment or just some random observation.  The problem with this is that I almost never get around to "finishing" any of those pieces.  I usually don't even use the "this'll preach" bits in sermons.   I have dozens of these little gems stored as notes or in documents titled "blogishness".

It was easier to finish things when I was committed to contribute a piece every Tuesday on The Intersection, a social site for Disciples.  (That's members of the Christian Church (Disciples of  Christ), not the folks who followed Jesus around Judah and Galilee.). Or when I was more active in RevGalBlogPals.  Or, frankly, when I have any kind of deadline imposed by someone other than myself.

I am fairly certain it would be better for me if I were to practice the spiritual discipline of writing regularly in one place instead of having mini (unpublished) posts scattered all over my electronic devices.   I suspect my spiritual director - herself a writer of some note - would agree. I 'm just not very good at imposing this kind of discipline on myself.  Even titling this blog "Everyday Thinking" wasn't enough to motivate me.

(Quick, Maria.  Post this before you add it to your "to be finished" file.).   See what I mean?

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