Monday, March 5, 2007

In the beginning

A spiritual discipline must have a starting point, so I begin here in my Daily Blog. It's a good day to begin. I am spiritually well following a weekend dancing with God and 300 other women.

Today I feel charitable toward:
  • the people who dumped all those papers and books on my desk while I was away, and
  • the member who decided that our resident homeless guy must be admitted into a shelter whether or not he wants to go.

I'm not even freaking out yet over all the things that have to get done this week:
  • Thursday's 5 minute speech on "Many Paths to One Summit"aka Religion and Contemporary Issues for an interfaith panel intended to address recent outbreaks of intolerance at a local church related university. It's my Alma Mater and I'm "The Protestant".
  • Saturday's wedding in another state.
  • Tomorrow morning's Spanish homework that isn't started yet .
  • Tonight's bible study I haven't prepared yet.
Yep. It's a good day to begin.

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